Business name:
Radiestezija & bioenergija (Radiesthesy & Bioenergy)
Short name:
D & B d.o.o.
Matije Gupca 6
43000 Bjelovar
The Republic of Croatia
00 385 43 245 820
(00385) 98 98 14 568
(00385) 95 92 16 428
Darko Maltar, dipl. eng.,
radiesthesy and bioenergy therapist

Researcher and inventor (more than 30 years of scientific research on pathogenic radiation) of:

- very effective energetic-therapeutic device for neutralization called "ATLANTA", for complete, permanent and lifelong neutralization of geopathogenic and technical radiation and their combinations, permanent cleaning of the harmful energies from the environment, normalization of physiological functions, biological balance recovery and organism revitalization

- personal energetic and therapeutic pulsators for selfhealing by cleaning of all accumulated negative energies, from past and present times, in aura and physical body and total integration of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being in one unit

- radiesthesical reflectors and shields and special neutralization devices for permanent elimination of abstract and harmful (so called "G") energies' influence of biological origin (negative energies of each human against other, energies of dead people, negative entity and implants)

Energo-ecology of living spaces:

- measurement and analysis of energy state of residential and business environments, business objects and construction-sites in order to improve life quality with permanent establishment of natural forces and energy balance through the use of inventions resulted from 30 years of scientific study in the field of all kind of harmful energy influence on human health and life

- permanent, complete and lifelong residential and business environment cleansing of all kinds of energies maleficient to human health and life

Radiesthesical diagnostic measurements of:

- noxious changes in human body through energetic meridians and chakras with detailed analysis and report

- harmful influences of abstract "G" energies on mental and physical human health

- diagnostic checkup measurements after sick person's recovery

- measured values are registered on special diagnostic lists

Therapeutic work in the field of energetic medicine:

- within the therapeutic work for already 15 years uses his own method of medical radiesthesy by which he healed himself from incurable disease

- complete healing of aura and physical body using energetic pulsators

- holistic approach to man and his residential and business environment

- therapeutic license for bioenergetic therapy and protection from harmful energies

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